Wednesday Evening Rides


Wednesday Evening Rides is a group bike ride that explores a different part of Grand Rapids each and every week.

We meet at Veterans Park at 8:00pm on Wednesday nights to go for a fun, easy-going group ride. The ride departs at 8:30pm, lasts for 10-15 miles, and typically ends at a bar downtown. It doesn't matter what kind of bike you have or how strong of a cyclist you are. This is a no-drop ride, and all are welcome.

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Riding Tips

This is a very casual ride, but there are a few things you should keep in mind so that we all can maximize our good vibes.

  1. Bring lights.

    This is a night ride, which means you won't be able to see if you don't have lights. This seems obvious, but a lot of people end up showing up without lights anyway. At least consider bringing a blinking red light for the back of your bike.

  2. Wear a helmet.

    We try to do everything in our power to make this ride a safe one, but there are always external factors to consider. Wear a helmet so that nobody has to clean your brains off of the ground.

  3. Use your words.

    When biking in a group, you need to communicate to fellow riders. The cyclists behind you don't know what's up ahead, and the cyclists ahead don't know what's behind you. Ex: If you see a pothole, yell "Pothole!" and/or point to it so that those behind you can avoid it.

  4. Be nice.

    People driving cars generally have no clue how to act around a group of cyclists, so help them out by letting them know what your intentions are. Use your hands to signal turns and lane changes.

    Pedestrians almost always have the right of way. Don't be a jerk to them.

  5. Stay close.

    This is a group ride, not a loosely-assembled bunch of goons ride. The more our riders drift apart, the less predictable we are to cars, and the harder it is to lead/control the pack. Look around once in a while to make sure you're not going too fast or slow. We stop periodically for re-groups.

  6. Have fun!

    This ride is supposed to be fun. Keep the above rules in mind, but don't forget to let go and have a blast. It's not uncommon for riders to blast funky jams on a boombox that's duct-taped to their bike frames. Keep that weird, wacky spirit alive.